Nijh World

A  World to develop the highest art - The Art of Living

Founded in Year. 2010.By Artist for Artist.

Our Vision

We believed that everyone with talent should have the chance to develop that talent. Students should not be denied acceptance to an art education because they didn’t have an art portfolio. We believed that they shouldn’t have to prove art ability before it was developed. So, we established the institute with an open admission policy.

The logic was obvious. Hope for the best.

We also believed that bulk of art education should be provided by professional artist.

All art classes should be taught by people who made their living from one form of art or another. Professional artist, Photographers, Illustrators, graphic designers and advertising people.

With this founding principle at the heart of Nijh world we move our first step into the creative world.


Nijh World is the complete one desk solution for artists , Orgnisations Corporates & art lovers .
We offer Designing Services, Art Classes, Brand Management,
Web Development,Content Writing, Advertising, Marketing & PR Services.